January 26, 2011

what you carry

Louie Giglio gave the "send 'em out with their hair on fire" locker room talk as Joe refers to it in our Men at the Cross conferences. Louie challenged us big time on our last morning together. three hours until we would be headed in numerous directions. back to hundreds of campuses. to our jobs in various workplaces. to friends and family and strangers who don't know Christ. our focus?

what do we carry with us as we go forth?

the world is waiting to have their breath taken away. not by me. not by you. by Jesus. but how will they know unless you and i go?

but where?

go wherever your passions lead you, wherever your giftings lead you. it doesn't matter where. it only matters what you take with you. what do you carry to the world?

nike. kanakuk. big star. starbucks. apple. hallmark. tervis. gap. hp. kashi. carolina.

all of those are names. names that i display on a regular basis. all it took was a cursory glance around my room to see evidence of them. i carry the names of those companies and organizations to the world each day. and they're banking on me doing that. it's their livelihood. but none of them are the most important name i can carry forth.


in Acts 9:15, we see that Paul was God's chosen instrument to carry forth the name of Jesus. sadly, the word "Christian" doesn't mean "Jesus" to the world. we've stained it with our selfish desires. more often, it means "you don't like me and you disagree with me". the world needs the name of Jesus. not Christianity. carry forth the name that is above every name. Jesus. be a champion for His name. the world is literally dying to hear His name. they don't need the name of our culture. they need the name of Christ.

"and whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him." (col 3:17)

in the name of Jesus.
to the world.
wherever your passions and giftings lead you.
for His glory.

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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