January 19, 2011


it's no secret that i love food. sometimes i joke that the only reason i work is so i can afford to eat. seriously, i love food. i mean, i'm sitting here typing while munching on Maui Onion chips. but that's not the appetite i'm referring to.

progress - responsibility - respect - win - love - acceptance - fame - recognition - things - to be envied - success - stability

all of those are appetites. appetites are what we desire. and our desires drive our decisions. our direction. our destination.

in his book, the principle of the path, Andy Stanley upacks this idea a little more. everyone is headed somewhere. we're all on a path. we're all headed somewhere. the question is whether you're headed there on purpose.

my desires feed my decisions, which in turn dictate my direction that land me in my destination. (feel free to re-read that).

going back to what Beth said in her "desires" talk, what am i fixated on? what's driving my desires? is it really the Lord? or is that cheap lip-service.

Andy made three points during his talk...
1: God created appetities and sin distorted them
2: appetities are never fully and finally satisfied
3: your appetites always whisper now and never later (we trade the ultimate for the immediate)

he highlighted the passage in genesis 25:30-34 where esau traded the ultimate for the immediate. he sold his birthright for a bowl of soup. i hope it was good soup. tomato bisque, perhaps? he allowed his appetite to dictate his decision. and that decision determined his destination.

my desire is to live for the eternal. for the ultimate, not the immediate. for His glory. for His renown. for Him. Jesus. no one else. nothing else.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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