November 30, 2010

why i do what i do

after being gone a week, you can imagine the pile of papers, letters, boxes, and just plain STUFF that was waiting on my desk when i got to the office this morning. it was nowhere near the neat & organized state that i left it in. woof. however, tucked away in the middle of all the mess was a little yellow letter. obviously hand written. turns out this letter not only made my day, but reminded me why i nearly break my neck staying so busy to do what i do.

"Dear Coach Bekah,

Thank you for coaching me last year! Thank you for teaching me so many new things. I love you!

All thanks to your blocking drills, I can now block! Fully. It's so exciting. I didn't really get the point in those drills because I couldn't reach the net. Haha. Oh, also, I was gonna tell you I looked on your blog and I loved it! I wanted one afterwards. It's so cool and I look up to you for being so deeply into God. Everything you do shows God shining through you. I'm getting there, just not as well as you have.

Bekah, you are such an inspiration and I hope to be like you one day. I really enjoyed having you as a coach last year. And a YouTube surfing buddy. I'll miss you this time around, but I'm excited for my team too!

So you betta hide ya keeds, hide ya wife, an' hide ya husband! Cause they rapin' erybody out hea!

See you soon."

just thought i'd share this with my faithful followers. and to all the other coaches out there, keep investing. you do make a difference.


(ps, the last part of the letter won't be funny for you if you haven't seen this video.)

live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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