November 19, 2010

the little white ball

With club volleyball season just around the corner, volleyball has been in my think tank a lot lately. School season wrapped up a few weeks ago and club tryouts are complete. Practices start after Thanksgiving. I’ve stumbled upon two adult leagues to play in during the week and made contacts that resulted in me agreeing to play in two tournaments this weekend. Looks like I’m making a grand return to the world of playing again and not just coaching. It’s about time.

One of the teams is primarily for socialization purposes and I realize that. But the rest of them are legit. I had forgotten what it feels like to play with people who have been trained at a high level. Especially a setter. Makes light years of a difference. It’s exhilarating. I played Monday and I don’t think I came off my high until Wednesday. This could be a problem. A return to an old addiction perhaps? I’m sure my knees and abs are going to hate me after two straight days of playing this weekend. But it’s worth it.

I love this game. I can’t get enough. Part of me died the day I turned in my jersey and cleaned out my locker. I knew I’d never play at that level again. The adrenaline rush that was part of my daily routine was now absent. Maybe that’s why I’ve stayed in the sport by coaching. It keeps that part of me somewhat alive.

If only I could infuse that same passion in my players. (Isn’t that every coach’s dilemma?). I want them to want to compete each time they step between the lines. Not for me. Not even for their teammates. For themselves. To prove they can do it. To instill confidence in themselves as athletes and young women. That’s why I coach. Volleyball is just a blip on the radar of life. But the character you develop on the roller coaster ride this sport takes you on is irreplaceable.

So, here’s to another great season. And by great, I mean frustrating, yet so rewarding. Here’s to making a difference in the character development of 15 year old girls through the shared love of a little white ball.

Game on.

live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.


Loren said...

You got THAT right! playing with a setter that knows what she/he is doing is an unbelievable rush! wish I was there!

Joy said...

love this beks! again, very similar lives we share. it makes me smile each time! i hope to meet you on the court soon as our club seasons begin. and it sure is amazing how 1 little white ball can bring so many people together. great tool God gives us to share life with people we may or may not have imagined.