November 5, 2010

my crazy fun life

it's Friday and that means my next fun adventure is here!! we're headed to the Trans-Siberian Orchestra tonight in Springfield. awesome music. super cool light show. great friends. and an excuse to dress up. what doesn't sound fun about that?! i'll post pics later. (i also owe you pictures from my last two adventures...camping. i don't know what it is, but i love being out in the woods by a fire with the craziness of life left behind.)

in the meantime, i thought i'd share my fun list of upcoming adventures with you. i have a countdown, don't worry. here goes!...

Nov. 5 :: Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Nov. 12 :: Silver Dollar City Run to the Lights 5k
Nov. 13 :: Girls night out with Branson VB coaches
Nov. 14 :: Springfield Juniors VB Tryouts
Nov. 18 :: Harry Potter 7 Part 1 Midnight Premiere
Nov. 22 :: Kanakuk Thanksgiving Lunch & the day i fly home!!
Nov. 22-29 :: Thanksgiving in Asheville
Nov. 23 :: Knoxville Lunch date
Nov. 24 :: Shopping & brunch with mom in Biltmore Village
Nov. 25 :: Thanksgiving Day (Lo is coming to play!!)
Nov. 26 :: Carolina teammates Christie & LP in town (Go Heels!!)
Nov. 27 :: Zipline Tour with Ginny
Dec. 9 :: Kanakuk Christmas Party
Dec. 16-19 :: NCAA Volleyball Final Four in Kansas City
Dec. 22 - Jan. 5 :: Christmas in Asheville
Dec. 25 :: Christmas Day
Dec. 31 :: New Year's Eve
Jan. 1-4 :: Passion Conference in Atlanta with Joy
Mar. 4-6 :: Mardi Gras and Kat's birthday in New Orleans
Apr. 22 :: Megan & Alan's wedding in Chapel Hill
May 22-29 :: Caribbean Cruise w/ Ginny, Anna, & Ellie (happy late bday sis!!)
July 9 :: Board & Kevin's wedding

obviously this list is not exhaustive & many more adventures will be added into the mix. but i'm so excited about everything that's on my calendar!!!! this is why planning ahead is so much fun. i get to look forward to it that much longer!!!

enjoy your weekend my friends!!


live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.


Josh and Britt said...

Bek! What a great rest of the year! I love all of your adventures. If you want to plan an adventure to Chicago, you always have a place to stay :)

Shea said...

I do not approve of this list one bit. There is nothing about more adventures to be had in Springfield/Branson/Bolivar with Shea....or NO visits to Oklahoma :(:(:(

K.a.t.Hilton said...

Hey crazy. It's march not fen for mardi GRAS ;)

bekah brinkley said...

all fixed. meow.