October 18, 2010


while, i miss the crazy fun of living with Tracy on none other than Hill Billy Lane, i’m loving life with the Boone’s on Sunset Inn & Lookout Ridge. here are just a few quick thoughts on my Branson home (in no particular order other than the order in which they came to mind).

why i love Lookout Ridge...
1. full-size bed and ceiling fan
2. double-sink bathroom
4. constant laughter and entertainment from LB and Linds
5. movie nights
6. Keurig coffee maker
7. brownies at midnight
8. late night chats with Linds
9. treadmill in the laundry room
10. flat neighborhood and fantastic running routes
11. gorgeous view of the sunset overlooking Branson
12. living closer to work: 6 minute drive
13. a home that smells like “Cinnamon Spice” every day
14. not getting stuck behind school buses on the way to work

why i miss Hill Billy Lane...
1. waking up to the sound of cows mooing in a nearby field
2. Roxy licking me to pieces every day
3. countertop chats and debriefing with Tracy
4. being able to say that i live on Hill Billy Lane
5. being a ½ mile from Hollister high school’s track
6. constant entertainment from our gaggle of neighbors
7. my African bedroom
8. my corner spot on Tracy’s phenomenal couch
9. living with someone who loves Andy’s more than me
10. being tackled by an 85 pound black lab when i walked in the door
11. waking up to the hum of Tracy on her bike trainer in the living room

enjoy your week!!


live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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