September 28, 2010

twenty four

i'm officially the same age as there are hours in a day. i hit the big 2-4 today. i have high expectations for my 24th year of life. 23 was a great year, but 24 is going to be even better.

i'm not one to make a big fuss about my birthday, but i do enjoy talking to my favorite people all in one day. thanks to everyone for the constant flow of laughter and encouraging phone died because of all the activity it received. i certainly feel loved. here's a snippit of the messages that made me laugh the hardest today:

happy WOMB EMANCIPATION day -maggie

Happy Birthday Bekah!! im doing PAM exercises in your honor!! :) -karen

I'm so glad you are constantly in my house!! Haha it makes being home 50 times more fun :) andys tonight!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY grandmother Rebekah! -lindsay

I'm feeling a birthday. I mean a block. :) -christie

happy one day closer to your death day. -buise

of course i appreciate all the sentimental notes as well, but there's something to be said about a message that makes you burst out in laughter during your workday. thanks again to everyone for making today a special one.

oh, and don't worry. i hit andy's twice today. once on purpose, once by surprise. yes, i was kidnapped and blindfolded and taken to andy's. Mary and Corey know me all too well. so do the people who work there. but it's my birthday and if i want andy's twice in one day, so what?!


live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.


Tracy said...

YAY ANDYS!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat some for ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bekah! Im currently creeping your blog...just thought I would let you know. If you feel the need you can give me the qt grandma eye but that will cause me to feel insecure and pull my spanex down one more inch. Get excited

Karen L said...

Happy 24 Birthday to one of my favorite young people!! Have fun and thanks for the book suggestion!