October 25, 2009

i love reunions

sorry for the long delay in posting. i'm still alive. and still running. i'm honestly convinced that the only reason i'm still running is because i'm so darn competitive. if Tracy runs, i have to run. which usually means i end up running daily or every other day. i can't stand it to be out-played. i mean, her pace and endurance are WAY better than mine, but for a natural sprinter to be transitioning into the world of distance running, i'm quite proud of myself.

volleyball season is winding down. Districts start tomorrow in Ozark and we play at 8:00. if we win, we play again Tuesday at 6:30 and if we win that, we play again that same Tuesday night at 8:00. Then it's on to sectionals with the ultimate goal of the state playoffs in Kansas City. i told the girls to make me take personal days for a trip to KC for the state playoffs. i hope they do!! they're definitely good enough to do that! i think part of me is living vicariously through them since i can't play anymore...

my job is still going well. we only have 3 more events left in the 2009 season. Jacksonville, FL (11/6-11/7), Dallas, TX (11/7) and Nashville, TN (11/14). Then it's full-force preparation for the 2010 event season kicking off in Charlotte in January. i still love being in Branson. it's perfect for right now. not longterm......longterm take me back to Chapel Hill....but for this phase of life Branson is perfect!

i spent last weekend in Dallas for the OU/TX game and the Kanakuk Reunion. i love the fact that some of my best friends make the trek and we can all hang out in a pretty awesome city. i got lots of quality time with some of my favorite people. didn't realize how much i needed that weekend! i hate that we're all growing up and living so far apart!! growing up can be so overrated sometimes...

anyway, here are some pictures from the past week of my life. enjoy! i'll try to post sooner next time. i just get busy and preoccupied with my volleyball girls and my stellar roommate. :)

Merce(OU), Tanya (TX), Bethann (TX) & Me at the Kanakuk Reunion

Fellow Kanakuk Institute North Carolinians at the Reunion

Joy and Me with matching green "mom wallets!"

church with my kamper Madi at The Village before heading back to Branson

SONIC milkshakes with Shayla before dance...yumm!!

live unashamedly. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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