September 27, 2009

smokin' crack

"smokin' crack" is the title of my newest playlist on iTunes. i'm not really smoking crack, although some days i wonder if Tracy has secretly drugged me. no, the crack i'm talking about involves a good pair of tennis shoes, an iPod, and a willing victim. yes, i've started running for real. no more of this "jogging" business. i don't care how many times i have to ice my ankle after a run. i'm tired of feeling like blah. it's time to run.

i don't love running (yet), but i like it, and that's worth something. i'm on the hunt for new and more entertaining routes to run in Branson. let's just say whoever built the roads in the Branson area was NOT a runner. the ditches that have replaced the shoulder on the side of the roads around here are more than challenging when trying to get a good run without getting hit in the process.

mornings are proving to be the best time to run. i thought i had graduated from the morning workout routine. apparently not. i read a report on a British study that said people can train 13% harder at 6:45 am than at 6:45 pm. thus, my morning runs will have to become more the rule than the exception. and the fact that daylight savings time is quickly approaching bascially cements that decision. dark at 5:00 when i leave work = morning run. grrrr.

The North Face understands this desire that burns inside me now. two of their new running ads are pretty catchy and definitely true.... "work is necessary, running is mandatory" and "sit for your job, run for your life."

my favorite thing is running in the rain, so the fact that we had two weeks of rain almost every day made my heart happy. soggy shoes, drenched clothes, sweat and rainwater completely mixed together on my body.....glorious!

i registered for a 5k in November at Silver Dollar City (similar to Dollywood) here in Branson. it's a night-time race and you "run to the lights." i'm way pumped for this one. i hear it's a blast!! and i have a few running buddies so it'll be that much more fun.

the last update is the real reason i sometimes think i'm "smoking crack." i verbally committed to running a half marathon in April when Tracy runs her full. NO WAY will i run a full (yet), but a half is entirely feasible. besides, i have 6 months until D-Day. i'm not sure where i want to run my first big race, but St. Louis is looking like a very real option. not a grueling course and it's a city i would like to explore some more. what better reason than a half marathon, right? we'll see.

i'm also going to subscribe to "Runner's World" once my 3 month trial period ends. i'm officially taking the plunge into the running world. watch out world, here i come! i'll keep you posted, but for now my shoes are waiting for me and i have a running date with one of my small group girls. off i go!!....

bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.


Lindsey Marck said...

get it girl! sounds like the half marathon may be a little harder than that Maple View (Ice Cream) 5K in Chapel Hill. Keep up the hard work!! Miss ya xox

loren said...

Hey Bubba! GOOD FOR YOU!
My MS volleyball team is going to run the 5K for homecoming at ACA. I ran my first 5K at the sourwood festival back in July. I always thought runners were kinda weird.... until I started doing it..... well, maybe they're even MORE weird now that I'm unto it. Push hard in your first 5K.... you'll be glad you did!