September 13, 2009


week 3 of my new job is now complete and week 4 is about to begin. i'm getting the hang of things and not taking a stab in the dark quite as often, which is always a good thing. i'm still loving the fact that i'm here in Branson (doesn't mean i don't laugh about it on a daily basis though). i'm getting into a routine and creating a sense of normalcy despite the craziness of my job and the weirdness of this town.

i've started running after work with another KI:09 graduate who now works for AfterDark (Joe's ministry to college students). mary and i usually run down by the lake at the Branson Landing. it's amazing how much longer you can run when you have a buddy and lots to talk about!! and tracy and i have been going over to k-kauai to swim as much as possible before they close the pool. i should have kept taking swimming lessons...i could use those pointers now!

K-Fit (our fitness program and team challenge) begins October 1, so i've been gearing up to win. everyone who works for Kanakuk can sign up and then we're placed into teams. we keep track of our daily minutes of exercise and then each team's minutes are calculated. at the end of the month, the winning team gets a gift card and the winning team's MVP gets an additional gift card. why would i NOT sign up is the question? gift cards for working out is just too easy! i'm going to win. plain and simple.

volleyball season is also underway. the girls had their home invitational yesterday and they won for the first time in 6 years! GO PIRATES! i don't get to coach at practice because of my work schedule, but i get to help coach during matches, so i guess something is better than nothing! we're starting our team bible study soon (as soon as our books come in!!), and the girls are really excited about it. i'm just thankful for the opportunity to keep pouring into these girls. whenever i get time with them, it's always the highlight of my week.

me with the 8 seniors at the Branson Invitational

God is teaching me to leave every day in His hands. He knows how each day fits into the bigger picture of my life and the even bigger picture of what He's doing to establish and build His kingdom. my life is part of something much bigger than me and i am simply playing a part in the bigger story unfolding around me. i want the world to know and encounter the joy i've found in serving my King. that's what keeps me going every morning when i wake up and fight the battle to get up out of bed and embrace a new day of challenges. i want to make Him famous.

that's all i have for now. i hope your sunday has been full of naps and NFL like mine. :)

bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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Chris said...

You could call me a copy cat, but I've been wanting to change around my layout for a while. Actually, I did change it twice but changed it right back because I didn't like it. So this has been in the works for a while. Truly, you were just following my telepathic suggestions.