August 24, 2009

ready, fire, aim

well, i survived day one in the office. i didn't burn it down, and i managed to keep my head above water the entire time. mind you, the pile of work and list of things to accomplish never dwindled no matter how much i crossed off, but i'm convinced i made a dent of some sort....i just don't know it yet. the people i work with are fun. and i can take mental breaks and walk down the hall to find some of my Institute buddies who are working for various other branches of Kanakuk (like AfterDark and the Institute itself). fun little reunions in the hallways. :)

my week last week was very laid back. i flirted with boredom a couple times, but ultimately decided that being in that state was a good thing since i won't have time like that for a while. i embraced the fact that i could wake up whenever and choose to do whatever i wanted or absolutely nothing at all and stay in my pajamas all day. glorious thought. i went to practices with the branson volleyball team and that was my daily adventure, sometimes my only venture out of the house. always fun to be back with the girls in the gym. i won't get to go to any more practices because of my work hours, but i'll be able to go to matches at night and on the weekends when they have tournaments. yay!!!!

tracy and i have officially lived together for 2.5 days now and it's great. and by great i mean really really awesomely fun. we took a little late night venture to wal-mart and andy's (frozen custard) with kat before kat left branson for good. yum! we've made plans for our "branson tourist" night, which consists of dressing like branson tourists, eating at starvin' marvin's, and going to a show of our choice. definitely pumped for that night. she's convinced that i'm going to start running, biking, and swimming with her. so far, only the swimming part has come true. we went to k-kauai today to swim some laps (i managed to keep from drowning and drinking the pool) and then we played on the waterslides. entirely too much fun for two supposedly mature and working adults. emphasis on the "supposedly."

kat, me and tracy with our frozen custard treats from Andy's

this is going to be a good year. tracy and i have decided that we're both good and bad for each other. it doesn't take much for one of us to jump on board with whatever it is the other one is doing. again, both good and bad. i can go ahead and guarantee you right now that i will NOT be training for a triathlon and/or marathon with Tracy this year though. she's flying solo on that one.

that's really all for now. oh, except the fact that i chopped 12 inches off my hair a week and a half ago and donated it to Locks of Love (gave them an extra 2 inches because i'm nice). i LOVE my new haircut. way simpler to deal with in the mornings and a lot cooler....should have done it before the heat came at kamp!!

have a great week and go do something immature and spontaneous. make a memory. ;)


live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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Lindsay said...

Why does it not suprise me that there is a picture of you and Trace for a late night Andy's run? HAHAHAH i love it! Miss you both so much!