July 18, 2009


sorry for the delay, but here are a few quick updates:

second term is winding down tonight actually. i'm headed out the door in 20 minutes to be back in time for closing ceremonies and then a new wave of kampers come in tomorrow. hard to believe that two terms are already done and we only have one more. crazy how fast time goes by!!

my job for the fall has changed a bit. i'm now going to be in charge of the correspondence and administration of Men at the Cross (Joe White's ministry to men http://www.menatthecross.org/). it's a bigger role than i anticipated and it will be full-time instead of part-time. i'm still planning on helping coach the branson high volleyball team and work at new balance at night and on some weekends. i know, i'm probably doing too much, but it won't be for long. just enough to get my feet under me again and then i'll ease off a bit. i'm excited for this new job with lots of responsibility (and stress!!!!), and i start a week or two after kamp ends on August 12. quick transition!!

as for Willie...got a letter from him. he's doing really well. he goes back to meet with the District Attorney on August 3rd and at that point he's going to have a few plea bargains on the table. he said he's going to take one of those instead of going to trial. he said he knows he's guilty so there's no use going to trial. and since his record isn't horrendous he may only have to go to boot camp and not have to serve time in prison. it'll be interesting to see how it all pans out. it's coming up soon though, so please be in prayer for that.

i'm doing great. not exhausted. i sleep hard every night when i hit the pillow, but i always wake up refreshed and energized, ready for another day of crazy challenges. thanks for your prayers, letters, and encouragement. y'all are a blessing!!

gotta head back to kamp! i'll try and post again soon!

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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