August 6, 2009

almost over

third term is almost over. hard to believe i've been at kamp since may 21st and in a time bubble of sorts. some days and weeks fly by and others drag. i really have no concept of what has happened in the outside world, but i'm kind of okay with that for the time being.

God has reminded me of a lot this summer and taught me some new lessons along the way too. the biggest reminder being the fact that He's faithful and will NEVER fail me. i've seen Him answer countless prayers in His perfect timing over the past few months. how can i ever doubt His ability to meet my needs when He continually blows me away and blesses my obedience and trust. He answers my prayers beyond my wildest dreams.

update on my job: my first official day is august 24th, but i've been working in Joe's office out at K2 as much as i can during my off times at kamp just to try and get a head start on the chaos that will be out of control if i don't. i'm slightly overwhelmed by the amount of catching up i'm going to need to do and the amount of organizing that needs to happen between now and then. crazy.

update on kamp: the flu is back in full swing. after second term it died down a little, but the second two weeks of third term have been as crazy as second term was. my unit of girls are incredibly fun. most are about to be freshmen, some about to be sophomores, so they're boy crazy and they think i'm weird and crazy, but still cool. i'll take it. i can't believe they're leaving in less than a week. it's crazy to even think about a summer of kamp being over in such a short period of time.

you can be praying for a solid final week of kamp and intentional time with girls. and for all of us to make a mad dash to the finish line and not just coast to the end and slack off the last week. you can also be praying for a smooth transition with my job at Men at the Cross after kamp ends.

thanks for your letters and prayers!
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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