July 1, 2009


term 2 is now underway. it's crazy how the same place can take on a completely different feel in a matter of days. the kids second term have a different mentality and approach to kamp than first term kids. i like it. don't really know these kids, so remembering a bagillion new names is always a fun challenge. i've found some studs that i'm already obsessed with though. kamp will do that to you. i'm hooked. but besides all that, it has been a tough first week or so of kamp. this whole flu mess is draining. we've got extensive procedures in place for prevention and treatment, but it's uber draining to say the least. everyone is stretched thin. be in prayer for kamp. despite news articles saying we're shut down, we're up and running as great as ever. my prayer is that the kids remain clueless as to the stress level and craziness going on behind the scenes. they know kids and counselors are sick and going home, but they have no idea everything going on behind the scenes. pray that it stays that way. i want kanakuk to remain the same for them and for the Lord to grip their hearts with no distractions.

on that note, i thought i would post my quick journal entry from two nights ago when i was really feeling the effects of everything.
under attack. praying for safety, health, & for kids to continue to hear the Gospel. praying for rest. trusting Your sovereignty. You are in control and You remind us that we are not. i trust You. sustain us. protect us. heal us. we want Your name to be magnified and preached in this place. this kamp and these kids are Yours. they need You. we need You. be our refuge. be our stronghold & our healer. we trust in You and boldly continue to proclaim Your name.
please continue praying for kamp!!!!

last update: Willie's "sentencing" on May 29 was another prelim of sorts. it wasn't his sentencing after all. it was another trial to see if they had a case against him, which they do. they have him for 17 counts of robbery (some armed). not sure when his sentencing will be, but honestly, the longer he's in there the more the Lord can work on his heart. and he's protected from walking back into that lifestyle. it's a place of protection and ministry for him. but please continue praying. that's my brother. i want justice and i'm tired of the waiting game to be quite honest.

thanks for your prayers and letters. they mean the world to me, especially out at kamp. keep making His name famous!!

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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