April 3, 2009


just a quick update on my life.....i'm officially a Bransonite. i'm going to be here in Branson again next year. don't have a job lined up yet, but i have a house i'm moving into and my roommate is pretty legit. going to be insanely fun this next year. i don't feel anxious about staying next year without a job lined up because i'm not staying for a job. i'm staying for my girls. i want to keep hanging out with them, coach again next fall, and keep discipling them. they're ridiculously awesome and so i decided to stay. God wants me here, so i'm staying here. prayers about a job would be appreciated though. :)

we graduate a week from today....which is crazy to think about. kinda don't want to really. these 7 months have FLOWN by. but starting to look back, i can see how much i've grown. i wouldn't trade this year for anything. i'm just so thankful i had the opportunity to be here.

last weekend a lot of my past kampers were in town for Chiefs/Princesses weekend. that means nothing to you non-kanakuk folks, but basically k-kauai got bombarded with people. and it was awesome. i got lots of quality time with some of my favorite kampers and it was just fun being around them again. shout out to AMac who's going to be a counselor with me at K2 this summer.....surprisingly not weird to have one of my past kampers now be my co-worker. exciting actually. :) and Sarah McCary was in town with me a few extra days which was awesome as well. she came in wednesday night and did worship for us before class on thursday (incredible!!!!) and then stayed through monday morning. i'm now officially obsessed with her new CD "identity." you should go buy it on iTunes and then go browse her website and read her blog to find out how incredible her heart is for the Lord. wish i was that mature when i was 18. anyway, it was a ridiculously busy weekend, but a ton of fun catching up with everyone.

that's all i've got for now. God is incredible, go spend some time with Him.

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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