March 25, 2009

i wasn't kidnapped...

sorry for the long pause in blogging. in case you were concerned, i wasn't kidnapped. last week was spring break and i opted not to take my laptop with me. the result was fabulous. if i could live internet and laptop and tv-less, i would. but realistically, i wouldn't keep in touch with many of you if i did that. i spent the majority of my spring break with kat in New Orleans again (and some Baton Rouge and other random parts of Louisiana). we had a blast and got to spend time with her friends that i've met several times before. i had my first crawfish boil and i did very well. i peeled all my own crawfish and my mouth was on fire from all the Tony Chachere's that they put on them. well worth it though. :) i spent the last weekend of my break in fayetteville, arkansas with two friends and got to watch some razorback softball. wooooo pig sooooie!! i even called the pigs. oh man...

we're in the home stretch now, really the last lap. sad, but rewarding at the same time. we have this week and next week of class. then the final week before easter is a week of fun like when we first got here. except this time we'll actually remember it because we know each other and it won't be a mad rush to try and remember faces and names and details. i'm looking forward to it. we graduate on good friday. bittersweet.

as for life after graduation...i'll be here in Branson working in Joe's Office for a few more weeks and then flying home on april 30 to spend some time with everyone there in asheville. i fly back out on may 19 to work kamp until august 12. first time working all summer and i'm ridiculously excited about that. after august 12.....your guess is as good as mine. don't know where God will take me or what He'll have me doing, but i'm trusting that i didn't set aside these 7 months for Him just to leave me stranded here without a job or a place to go. finding the balance between worrying and being pro-active is tough though. right now i'm most likely going to be here in Branson. no definite job plans lined up, but i feel a peace about being here another year and i know the Lord has laid these volleyball girls on my heart for a reason. i'm willing to go somewhere else if He wants me there, and i looked into jobs other places, but just don't have that same peace about it. so back to square one and still just trusting. God is sovereign and His plan will always prevail. i have no business trying to but in and mess things up. any prayer about a job would be much appreciated though. i'll keep you posted. :)

that's about all for now. we have some kampers coming in this weekend for summer planning and i'm headed to the airport in 2 hours to pick one of the girls up. can't wait to have some of my kiddos back in town. keep it real!!

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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