November 29, 2008

turkey week with friends

well, i hope everyone had a fabulous thanksgiving filled with all the best things--lots of food, football, Macy's parade, and a big nap. thanksgiving in Norman was a fun change (but mom, yes i still missed you guys). three friends and i did all the cooking and it actually turned out really well. we were a bit excessive and now have enough leftover food to feed a large family. yay for food!

i also got to catch up with some of my favorite Tar Heels last weekend. UNC women's bball was in town to play OU for the NIT finals and i got tickets from miss Liz Pittman to go see the game. ridiculously fun to watch some Tar Heels live in action again. and much needed. Carolina Blue does something good for my heart. i also kidnapped Liz on Saturday night and we went and talked over coffee for a couple hours until Starbucks kicked us out at midnight. and i got lots of sweaty hugs from my girls after the game. again, it did good things for me. GO HEELS!!

we played a lot of bananagrams this week and i finished up my Bible Overview Project, so i would say i was fairly productive with a healthy level of fun thrown in. by the way, if you don't know what bananagrams is, you're missing out. it's build your own game of scrabble without a board and you should go buy it. you'll feel better about yourself and increase your brain cell count just by playing.

we only have two weeks of class left before christmas break, and i can't believe how fast this semester has gone. if there was ever a time i'd like to have a life remote and hit pause or slow motion speed, it would be now. i've learned so much already, but there's just so little time to really soak it all in! my bible overview project was way fun though and if nothing else, made me want to go back and dig through the Old Testament more and read some of the cool stories that are tucked away in there. i also just bought a chronological bible the other day and i'm really excited to read it. might be a little weird at first reading about Job right next to Genesis, but should be a fun way to put it all together. i can thank Trish Helsel for that suggestion. :)

that's about all i have for now. i'm leaving Norman tomorrow and heading back to my island in Branson. hope you all are doing well and i'll catch you on the flip side.

so the world may know,

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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