November 17, 2008

sticking around?

well, we have three days left of class and one day of precepts until thanksgiving break. Tommy Nelson (Denton Bible Church) is coming to teach Matthew. i'm way pumped for this. i love Tommy's teaching style (i've done his Song of Solomon and Ecclesiastes studies) and i'm excited to dig through Matthew with him. such a fun book and full of so much!! 3 days might scratch the surface...

tonight was the volleyball banquet for my branson girls. i wore my hair down for them, which is always a hit. i talked to the Athletic Director some tonight too and he was asking if i'm going to be around again next year...Lord-willing, YES. if so, the high school would pay for me to go to a coaching class over the summer to be registered or something like that, but then i could do more than just volunteer my time next season. i'm praying about it and God knows that being here is my heart's desire. the whole experience has just been a huge blessing and i'm not quite ready to leave Branson yet.

some of you know that i've been working on an extensive Bible Overview Project (Genesis through Revelation) and the good news is that i'm almost done. i gave myself a deadline of this Friday before i leave for thanksgiving break to have it done, and it looks like i'm going to finish ahead of schedule. i only have one more era to complete (out of 12), and it has been awesome putting it all together. i have to create teaching notes for the entire Bible so that i could teach it to someone if i needed to. i chose to use Max Anders' 12 eras from his book 30 Days to Understanding the Bible. it's such an awesome project! it has made me want to go back and re-read some of the more obscure parts of the Bible in the "sticky pages."

anyway, that's about all the news i have for now. next time, i'll be typing from Norman, Oklahoma. BOOMER SOONER!!

God is good!!

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.


The Terminator said...

oh my gosh if u would get paid for coachin us next year tht would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! oh my gosh! i would love tht!

The Terminator said...

oh by the way terminator is me...Brianna!!! haha i got this name for school so...yup there ya go im the terminator!!