November 13, 2008


okay, so for starters, the island life is great. i'm continuing to invest in my volleyball girls and i've had some great conversations with them. they're so curious and i love hanging out with them. sometimes i find myself counting the hours until i can go see them. i talked to my director last week about finding an internship or some sort of job for next year that will keep me in the Branson area so i can be with the girls again next season. you can join me in praying about that one. we'll see what the Lord does!

the highlight of my week so far came last night. i drove up to Springfield with 4 friends and went to the African Children's Choir concert. what a blessing! the joy those kids have in walking in the Lord's truth despite their circumstances and their past is incredibly humbling. the Lord just renewed a desire in me to serve those kids and ones like them across Africa. i don't know what that may look like, but the Lord has a reason for placing those kids on my heart and for giving me the desire to reach them. and i know He'll use it some way, some how.

tuesday morning Bob Cornuke talk to us about his quests for finding biblical locations from history. absolutely fascinating!! he has had several near death experiences and continues to go out seeking the truth, using the Bible as his roadmap. literally. and it's incredible to see how accurate Scripture is in pinpointing biblical locations from history. i can tell you more about what he found if you want, but suffice it to say that this man lives up to his legend as a real life Indiana Jones. check out his website. he's got some pretty cool info up there and it's well worth your time. i was blown away by some of the things he's found. SO COOL!!

i just realized that thanksgiving is only a week away. exciting, but sad too. this semester is flying by & i feel like i'm trying to absorb so much information so fast. maybe the break will be good. i can regroup and review everything we've studied thus far. i'm going down to Norman, OK to visit my OU Sooner buddies and spend thanksgiving with them. it'll be awesome to spend some extended time with them since i really haven't done that since the summer. then we have a few weeks until christmas break when i'll be back home in Asheville & making a trek back to Chapel Hill to see a few special folks down there too. :)

thanks for the prayers and encouragement. please continue praying for finances. it's so easy to worry about them because they are such a tangible and daily need. i know the Lord is faithful and i'm trusting that He will provide, but sometimes i just forget and slip into worry about how i'm going to pay the bills. :) y'all are each such a blessing and since i won't see you on thanksgiving day, i'm telling you now.... I'M THANKFUL FOR YOU!!!!

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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