November 2, 2008

prayer request

okay, so i'm upping my quota for weekly postings, but i wanted to add a prayer request to the list.

as some/most of you know, i had a pretty serious ankle injury about a year ago at the end of our season and i'm just now beginning to fully recover from it. but still not completely. i have an appointment set up with a foot and ankle specialist when i get home for christmas break and we're going to look at some options to get this taken care of. it just hasn't healed the way i need it to (i.e. i can't run sprints with any speed and i can't run up hills because the scar tissue keeps me from being able to push off my foot when it's flexed). needless to say, if y'all would just be praying that i can get this taken care of and move on, i would greatly appreciate it. i don't want to have to deal with the repurcussions of one ankle injury for the rest of my life. and i'd like to be able to "run for my life" if ever need be. ;)

thanks so much for being my prayer warriors. so thankful for each of you!!

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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