October 31, 2008

back to the drawing board

well, volleyball season is officially over as of wednesday night. the girls played really well, but lost to Ozark so now i'm back to missing the sport and trying to come up with ways to keep my hands on a ball. creativity is going to be key.

this week's classes were really interesting. monday and tuesday focused on world religions and apologetics while wednesday and thursday focused on finances and investment options. i love our special speakers that come in and teach on topics like these and i'm so thankful for them taking their time to come spend a few days with us. it's not every day you have access to teachers with such a passion for their area of expertise. i also really enjoy when we have teachers who come in and just walk through a book of the bible with us. those are my favorite days. i'm excited that we have daniel and matthew coming up before christmas break. (speaking of: i'll be flying home saturday dec. 13th for break and i'll be flying back out to missouri on january 3rd. this might be a record for the longest amount of time i've ever spent at home for break)

the biggest lesson i'm learning right now is how to balance my time. for the first time in a long time i'm able to dictate my schedule and choose how i spend my time so i'm finding myself doing too much and not taking care of things like getting enough sleep. it's a process, but i'm learning. i just don't want to miss opportunities to invest in the community here in Branson, especially my volleyball girls, so that's been my motivation for staying so busy. i just need to find some balance in it all.

i'm also learning to continue trusting the Lord for finances. it's easy to get discouraged about support raising and start worrying about needs. i have to daily choose to trust that the Lord brought me out here for a reason and He will provide in His timing. my mind would just be more at rest if i knew the funds were coming in. but i'm learning to be patient and submit those worries anew each morning.

so to recap: life out here in branson and the kanakuk world is great--full of challenges, worries, & struggles, but also full of joy, excitement, & lots of learning. thanks for your prayers! hopefully i'll see some of you when i'm home for christmas break. have a great week!!

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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