October 23, 2008

it's all in the name

okay, so this time i thought i would give you guys a fun little nugget we learned in class a few weeks ago. i thought it was so cool and i wanted to pass it along. hope it blows your mind too!! in Genesis 5, the names of the generations from Adam through Noah cleverly contain the gospel message tucked inside. so fun! here goes:

Adam: "man"
Seth: "appointed"
Enosh: "mortal"
Kenan: "sorrow; heartache"
Mahalalel: "blessed God"
Jared: "to come down; descend"
Enoch: "teaching; to teach"
Methuselah: "his death shall bring"
Lamech: "despairing; the lost"
Noah: "rest"

so get this: man appointed mortal sorrow and heartache, but God blessed him and came down to teach that His death shall bring the lost rest. how cool is that?!? God is awesome!

tonight is the last match of the regular season with my volleyball girls and then districts start on monday. it has been an awesome ride so far, and it's fun to see how God is tearing down walls and letting me get into these girls' worlds. please continue praying for opportunities and for me to continue being intentional with these girls. God is moving. thanks for the prayers and encouragement. y'all are great!!

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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