October 8, 2008

off and running

last was my first official week with the volleyball girls and i loved it. maybe coaching is in the future? our small group will get started next monday (10/13) and the girls are really eager to get going so that's encouraging. i'm just excited to spend more time with them and have some fun on the court and also start digging in the Word (no pun intended, but it was a good one).

this week has been different because all the John Brown Masters students are down at JBU taking classes while the rest of us work on a project for Telos Bible Church. we've been painting and designing the children's area for the church. every day i come home with a new shade of paint splattered on myself (some days more than one color). last night the volleyball girls had a home match against Nixa, and they made Nixa look bad. i had a blast and i'm loving the chance to be with them, coaching and just building relationships (i'm starting to sound like my father, which isn't all that bad)

monday and tuesday of this week we dove through Hebrews with Bernard Bourque (pastor at Telos Bible Church here in Branson and an unbelievable communicator--he knows his Bible). there's nothing better than getting up and going to class from 8-12 just to study a book of the Bible. nothing could be more important in life right now than for me to be here. so far we've gone through Hebrews, II Peter, Jonah, and we're working through Isaiah this semester as a Bible study. i believe Philippians is coming up next week, which is one of my favorites so i'm excited for that.

God is blowing my mind and flooding it with information. my prayer is that this knowledge won't go to waste. i want to apply what i'm learning and not just store up info to add to my repertoire (James 1:22). you can also be praying for finances. there are a lot of other students who are in the process of raising support to pay for the Institute, so we've made a commitment as a class to pray daily for the money to come in. we know that the Lord brought each of us here as part of His plan and we're trusting Him to provide the money we need, but we want to be faithful in prayer (Romans 12:12). thanks for your support. God is good!!

so the world may know,
bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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