September 29, 2008


well, it's official: my institute friends are amazing. they organized a surprise party for me on my birthday and completely ambushed me. so fun! the theme was "awkward middle school" so it was a blast. i definitely felt the love. and thanks to everyone else who didn't let my phone stop ringing or buzzing with text messages all day. my apologies for not returning your calls. i had to keep some level of my sanity throughout the day.

more news: tomorrow i'm going to the volleyball matches and then wednesday i jump in with coaching. i can't wait. my small group will get underway next week and so it'll be fun to get those girls and start learning together.

life on the island is good. this is going to be the shortest blog post all year probably, but i don't have much else to say other than the fact that my new friends are amazing and last night was probably the best birthday party i've had since mom organized my circus themed party back in elementary school. one of these days i'll fill you in on what we're learning, but for now just know that it's a lot of good stuff and i'm learning a ton. vision statements are due thursday. translation: i have to know what i want to do with my life by thursday. no pressure. you can be praying about that one...

so the world may know,
*bekah <><

live for Jesus. laugh uncontrollably. love unconditionally.

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