March 15, 2016

it runs deep

first of all, i can't take an ounce of credit for this post. i was going through my blog doing a little spring cleaning and i found this in my drafts from eons ago. and by eons, i mean 5 years ago. i meant to post this way back when, but nothing has changed so i figure there's no time like the present.

my fellow tar heel athlete pal phabienne wrote a blog in march of 2011 that said all the things my tar heel heart wants to say on the regular. so instead of re-inventing the wheel, i'm just going to share what she said because i would say the exact same thing. every single word. (except that we aren't both living in branson anymore. we migrated to the motherland and are both within striking distance of our beloved chapel hill.)

according to phabienne...

I have been conditioned.
I am a product of my environment, and I am not ashamed about it.
For four years I inhaled, ate, heard, watched, smelled, touched, embraced, and loved everything there was to love about my alma mater, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and I know I didn't even get to everything that beautiful town has to offer.
For four years I wore Carolina blue to practice, to class, to meets, to bed, to breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
I saved hats, posters, newspapers, shirts, cups, and pom poms from games.
I watched the Tar Heels on TV, in Kenan Stadium, on the track, in Carmichael gym, in the Dean Dome, on Fetzer field, on the turf, and on the diamond.
In the four years my red blood turned Carolina Blue, my heart became hard-wired to anything having to do with Carolina, my emotions inextricably linked to the wins and losses, my breathing conditioned by last second plays, and my stomach tightened into knots during fierce rivalries.
I make no apologies for it.
I am a Tar Heel.
I am Carolina way over here in Branson, MO.
So, believe me when I say, it runs deep.
I yell, jump, scream, fist pump, clap, shout, pace, rock, and hold my breath when I watch the Tar Heels from the Midwest.
And during March Madness, it only intensifies.
I have been conditioned that for every positive reaction, there is not an equal but a greater opposite reaction for anything related to dook.
I am a Tar Heel.

i couldn't agree more. here's to our heels dancing their way to another national championship.


[original post from phabienne]

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