January 1, 2016

word of the year

for the last several years, i've chosen a word of the year. it becomes my focus. some years it's been out of necessity to keep going and other years it's been something i want to keep as my focus and work on throughout the year.

i'm betting most of you are familiar with this idea because it's become a trendy-ish thing to do in the christian community. i'm usually against joining trendy things, but this is one i love because of the intentionality behind it. i'm sure you could randomly choose a word and hope for the best, but that defeats the purpose in my mind. i start chewing on what my word might be around thanksgiving and usually have my verdict by mid-december.

once i've decided what my word will be, i start thinking of fun ways to remind myself throughout the year. my inner crafty nerd loves this phase. recent years have ended up like this...

2013 & 2014
2013 was a year of crisis and heartbreaking news. hope was the only way to wade through the muck and come out on the other side.
2014 was a year of continuing to wrestle with the ripple effects of such deep sadness coupled with the desire to move forward.

2015 was the year i walked in freedom and chose to be fully known and fully loved. i tattooed libete, which means freedom in creole, on my foot because haiti is where the rumblings for freedom first began.

[it's harder to read in this pic, but i love it because i'm sitting on my friend's rooftop overlooking the village of minoterie in haiti.]

2016 is the year i'm purposing to rest in the knowledge that i'm chosen by God. i am loved more than i will ever know.

each year has a significance of it's own and the current year is always my favorite. if you want to join me in this yearly adventure, this will help you pick your word. if you pick a word, comment below and share it with me. i'd love to encourage you throughout the year.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally

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Brian Alexander said...

I think you should read Chosen by God by R.C. Sproul to supplement this choosing of your word. ;)