December 24, 2015

just a...

it's crazy to me how the things we casually utter become what we believe, especially about ourselves. or, maybe it's the other way around and the things we believe about ourselves casually slip out our mouths without much thought.

the phrase just a became that for me. i've been an admin of sorts for my entire "big girl job" life. granted that's only 7 years, but it's all i've known. and since it's all i've known, the temptation is there to believe the lies that...

i don't have the skills to qualify for a better or higher-paying job

anyone could do my job because there's no special training needed to do it

i'm the bottom of the totem pole, the freshman on the team so to speak

i should work my way up into a more qualified position of some kind and build a career

but those things simply aren't true. what's true is...

i have the skills and natural gifts to thrive at this job

anyone could do my job, but i do it with efficiency and excellence

i am a valuable part of the team because i set others up for success and care for details

this is where the Lord gifted and called me, so why add unnecessary pressure to be something i'm not or pursue something i'm not called to pursue?

it's not easy choosing to replace those lies with truth, and sometimes it sounds downright arrogant to say that i'm really good at my job. i've been in conversations recently and almost winced as i told people that i'm content where i am because i'm really good at what i do and it's the right fit for me. it's hard to claim my strengths and stand with confidence, but there's no reason to shy away from it. i'm a work in progress, but i'm getting better at it.

the phrase just a has no place in our vocabulary...whether it's about yourself or someone else. no one is just a mom, teacher, admin, bus driver, waitress, janitor, or whatever else it may be. every single one of us has a unique set of gifts and things that bring us joy. there's no room for shame or apologies over what we do when we operate out of our God-given gifts for the good of those around us. the smallest of tasks that go unnoticed by the masses can bring Him much glory.

so charge on, my friends. you are not just a________.


[p.s. this post hit me square between the eyes as i was wrestling through this and i resonated with it. you might too.]

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally

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