November 12, 2015

a haitian never forgets

if y'all keep tabs on social media and stalk me even the slightest bit, you already know that i returned to haiti a month ago. this was my third trip and, oh my stars, it was so different from my first two.

let me back up for a second.

this summer was hard for me. i came into the fall empty. drained. weary. feeling as though i had nothing left. my week in haiti changed that. i came home better. lighter. restored. i'm a little more whole. full. a better version of me. i rested. i was restored. i was refreshed. i sat with Jesus and He was pleased with me. not to say the trip wasn't challenging (it was), but a piece of me felt a little more whole while i was there because haiti has become part of who i am.

while i was there, one thing that repeatedly struck me was a phrase i heard myself casually utter several times before it finally stuck...

a haitian never forgets

you see, there is such comfort in being known. loved. seen. i've purposed for several years to love the people around me well, whoever they may be, in whatever way the Lord shows me. the Holy Spirit as my daily guide. i don't do it perfectly and i certainly have days when selfishness and personal comfort win. those are the days i'm reminded of his glorious grace and i try again the next day.

but recently, i have purposed to see people for who they truly are. to make sure they know they aren't invisible. to know their name and their story. to remember them. i am the worst at remembering names (i somehow missed getting that gene from pops). my years as a kanakuk counselor taught me that a person's name is the sweetest word in the english language and there is such truth in that. so, i have made a better effort to know and remember names. faces. stories. i still have a long way to go but i am making a conscious effort.

and i think that's why i was stopped in my tracks and flooded with all the feels when i stepped foot inside the door of 3 Cords on that thursday morning.


she remembered me from a year ago. y'all, an entire year with no contact and she remembered me. her face lit up. her eyes were full of kindness. her smile was as big as her heart. she welcomed me with a tight hug. she brought me into her space and let me sit a while. she pulled up a chair and i spent the day with her. she signed to the interpreter that i was her friend and she was so happy i was there to see her again. my heart melted as her hospitality overwhelmed me.

sweet adeline.

i have learned so much from my haitian friends. but there is still much to learn. i am a better me because of the time i spend with them and my heart is anxious to return. part of my soul feels home when i'm in haiti and for that i am forever grateful.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally

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