November 7, 2014

His sense of humor | sans Bondye a de ìme

i am not a dancer. i will not claim to have an ounce of rhythm. but joy in Jesus, that i do have. a love for His people welling up in my soul, yes. long legs that look extra silly in an attempt to learn the sakka, absolutely.

who knew that a long-legged blan would dance the cotton-eyed joe and macarena in a nightclub in the middle of haiti surrounded by women working as prostitutes?

God knew.

and i think He was pleased as he heard the sound of laughter filling the air…even if it was at my expense.

who knew that the tattoo i got 5 years ago would be used as a testimony…to show that i may look different but i am just like you?

God knew.

christians in haiti do not have tattoos. it is taboo. women with tattoos are marked. they are prostitutes. but, as i sat and held the hands of each woman while painting her nails, my tattoo was on full display. i didn’t even consider concealing it that day and i am so thankful i didn’t. our team leader had several visible tattoos as well and these women were able to feel love, hope, dignity, and Jesus from our tattooed arms that touched and embraced them. our bodies do not dictate our worth and identity. only Jesus does.

He will use anything as a conduit of His love and grace if only we are willing…long legs and tattoos included.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally

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