January 31, 2014

what you won't see this weekend

well folks, this weekend is a big weekend for people like me. there's this thing called the super bowl where men in tight pants (yep, i said it) fight over the pigskin in hopes of a shiny silver trophy. oh, and there are usually some great commercials and delicious food involved. what's not to love?!

however, there's a side of this thing called the super bowl that you won't see. but that's the point. they don't want you to see it. but you should see it. why? because we need to end it. it's this thing called slavery. i'm not talking cotton fields in the deep south. i'm talking street corners and strip clubs. this video gives you a glimpse into what i'm talking about. it's from the final four last year, but sadly it's still oh-so-relevant.

and if you missed it, this report from fox news highlights the efforts leading up to sunday's big game. we've gotta get the word out one broadcast, tweet, facebook status, and blog post at a time.

that being said, there are a lot of great organizations doing a lot of great things to end human trafficking. you may not be part of the rescue or sting operations, but you can help raise money and awareness if nothing else. help them shine a light on slavery. and please, by all means, do not encourage these monsters. the pornography industry does just that. it exploits these men and women, often children, for the sake of cheap pleasure. don't do it. that's another person's life you're talking about.

spread the word. let's end this thing.

:: steps off soap box ::


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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