January 20, 2014

what would you defend?

in light of some negative discussions lately about something very dear to me, i've been thinking about the things i would defend. the things about which i'd say, that's enough. don't take another step or i will fight you. this is a hill i'm willing to die on. if you missed it last week, here's the rest of what i had to say.

that being said, there are two things i would give my last breath fighting for. i'm not including relationships, spreading the gospel, caring for widows and orphans, or anything else of that sort. to me, those are givens. i'm talking about the things that are unique to each of us, because i'm confident we all have at least one thing we'd ruthlessly defend.

and since i know you're dying to know what mine are, here they are...


credit: UNC

specifically k2 and the institute

credit: Kanakuk

it's no surprise to me that these were the two things i decided would cause me to rise the quickest, and fight the longest, to defend when their reputation or character is in question. but why these two? well, because they're the two "things" that have had the most profound impact on my life thus far. who i am and how i relate to the world is due in large part to the character development i gained from each. i will use my last breath defending them.

[side note: it's probably wise not to pick a fight with me about either one. i'm not a fighter and i try to speak kind words. i'd like to keep it that way.]

all of this got me thinking...i wonder what my family and friends would say are the hills they're willing to die on? any takers?


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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