October 2, 2012

the apple and the tree

well, you know how the saying goes..."the apple doesn't fall far from the tree." ...well, i can't exactly say that because then i'd be paying myself a compliment and that's just tacky. and not very classy. and definitely not the Southern way my mama raised me.

but what i'm trying to say is that my parents are awesome. fabulous. amazing. best-ever. givers. fun. encouraging. and wonderful house guests.

they gave me the honor of hosting them this past weekend for my birthday. and we had a blast. dad jokingly said at one point, "i'm not sure who's having more fun...you or your mother." fact: we all had a fantastic weekend. i had just enough planned to keep us occupied and just enough down time to truly relax and enjoy being together (read: sunday nfl on the couch). and yes, i made an itinerary. obvi.

[disclaimer: pops asked for an itinerary ahead of time, so the fact that i'd already made one came in handy. i come by it naturally. after all, i am my father's daughter.]

on that note, here are a few pics from the weekend of celebrations. enjoy!

birthday flowers from mom and pops to start the day off right.

birthday dinner in downtown st. pete.

allison joined us for dinner and gelato. love this girl!

i wore him out on night one. oops.

saturday morning bike rides on the beach. so refreshing.

cherry snow cone queen.

birthday cake from the roomie!

mom and pops before the comedy show saturday night.

mom and pops, thanks again for taking time out of your hectic Fall to come and spend 3 days with me. love you both so much!!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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