September 26, 2012

just call me picassa

[picasso was already taken, so i'll go with picassa. feel free to call me that from now on.]

this was my first attempt at a "sip and sketch" painting class. i'm not sure which one i did more...sip or sketch. but judging by the outcome, i didn't do as bad as i had anticipated. it's slightly more challenging than your typical paint by number activity in elementary (cough...middle) school, but for a perfectionist like me...not too shabby.

court was patient and gracious enough to bear with me when i got frustrated over my black grass or leaves that looked more like clusters of grapes. i think i might even go again. i'm not sure what i enjoyed more though, the peach chardonnay or the painting. either way, it was a blast and i'm grateful for friends like courtney that are willing to go on groupon adventures with me. yay us.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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