May 26, 2012

return to down time

last weekend was my last TBO adventure for a while. no more trips to orlando with Tampa Bay ONE 16 Black. i've kept the pavement hot between tampa and orlando since january, but it's time to let my tires rest. here's a quick picture recap from the weekend.

stuck in traffic on I-4 translates to reading nicholas sparks

doubletree chocolate chip cookies to welcome me to orlando. heaven.

addi was cold. hence the awkward sharing of my sweatshirt sleeves.

typical cuddle moment with jen and tori. love them.

as usual, the last few months with my kiddos have been a blast, but i'm ready for the return of down time to my daily life. here's to getting sleep, vitamin d, and quality time with the new roomie.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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