February 6, 2012

maybe random isn't so random

have you ever had one of those moments in life where you just sit back and shake your head in disbelief? not the kind of head shaking that comes from witnessing someone act a fool, but the kind that comes when you KNOW the Lord was gettin’ busy? i’ve had several of those moments in my 25 years of life, but more in the past few years than i can count.

my most recent one came last thursday via facebook. yes, God cares about social media. i'm 100% convinced. a friend of mine that i hadn’t talked to in 5 years posted on my wall. we met the summer of 2006 when we both worked at kanakuk (k2) and kept up briefly afterwards, but since we lived nowhere near each other and she didn't work at kamp again, we fell off the face of each other's earths so to speak. [disclaimer: i didn't purge her during my many facebook "friend" purges because i really liked her and figured it was okay for her to know my business 5 years later].

well, turns out she’s been living in lakeland, fl [read: 30 minutes away from tampa] for the last 2.5 years. i had no idea she was there because, like i said, we haven’t talked in 5 years and i hadn't thoroughly stalked her in a while.  the last i knew, she was still in indiana which is nowhere near florida. obvi. that being said, once we knew we were 30 minutes apart, we didn’t waste any time and met up for dinner saturday night since she was free and i was headed back from orlando and lakeland is on the way. thank you facebook for aiding in this communication and planning process.

i just have to say that the Lord knew i needed those 3 hours with her. we haven’t talked in 5 years. God has done some crazy things in both of our lives during those 5 years. heck, He’s doing some crazy things in both of our lives now. we’re both in similar phases of change right now and it’s crazy to see how the Lord moves! he knew we could be irons for each other again, and encourage each other as we walk through the changes in front of us. i mean, as we sat on laura’s couch and talked after dinner, my heart was full, refreshed, challenged, and encouraged. what a blessing to have her back in my life! i have a feeling i will be keeping the pavement between tampa and lakeland hot. and i’m okay with that.

ready for the hoedown party at kamp (laura is to my right, your left)

last night at kamp '06

watching tennis together in '07

so grateful to have Laura back in my life. and here's to the Lord being awesome and once again blowing my mind with His timing. :)


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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