February 2, 2012

grown men, makeup, beads, and booze

yep, that's how i spent last weekend. with grown men. in makeup (and costumes). catching beads. and drinking a little booze. i know what you're thinking, but i was the driver. duh! me = responsible one. three of my carolina teammates came to town (+1 friend) and we enjoyed a little gasparilla fun in tampa (read: mini mardi gras, florida style).

no one made a complete fool of themselves, lots of beads were caught (without flashing), there was tons of laughter, and we re-lived some fabulous carolina volleyball memories. bring it on. any day of the week. i love my teammates and i've missed having their hilarity in my daily life.

here are some pics to recap the weekend, so enjoy living vicariously. :)

papa taylor treated us to a stone crab dinner the night before...yummy, but too much work for too little food!

country club the night before, yacht club the morning of. i could get used to this!

the pirate ship ready for the invasion.

prime example of grown men, makeup, and costumes.

lisa clearly kept every bead thrown at her. i, however, passed most of mine off to christie (see below).

steph, LT, kate, chris, and me. time with teammates is priceless!

for the rest of the carolina vb family that didn't make it down, you were dearly missed. 


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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