February 14, 2012

it just keeps getting better

that's how i feel about this week. it just keeps getting better. and it has nothing to do with valentine's day actually. most of you probably don't care why, but i'm going to tell you anyway.

had 3 friends (who happen to be coworkers) over for a delicious dinner and awesome fellowship. and yes, that "fellowship" means what you think it means mary powell.

bonus jeans day in honor of valentine's day. okay, so maybe one thing had to do with valentine's day, but it was more about the jeans and less about the red and pink and lovey dovey stuff.

pay day. that should explain itself.

dayna comes to town and stays until sunday. time to party with governor huckabee!! (i'm sure there will be a blog about this weekend's festivities, so just sit tight)

dayna leaves (sad face), but kat comes!! as soon as i drop dayna at the airport, i'm headed to orlando to pick up kat and bring her back to tampa to play until she flies back to denver monday night. like, seriously, who gets to see two best friends in the same weekend?!?! this girl!

so if you can't tell, i'm just a tad bit excited for this week and i'm not sure which part excites me most because it's all pretty awesome. some weeks are crummy, but this week is not one of them. this week, i'm loving my life. visits from friends tend to do that to you.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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