February 21, 2012

besties and beignets

this past weekend was an absolute whirlwind in the best kind of ways. two...not one, but two of my friends came to visit! laughter was a no-brainer. honesty was effortless. and life updates were flying left and right. that tends to happen when you live in separate time zones. you play mach speed catch up. thanks for migrating south, dayna and kat!!

anna maria island for a little relaxing with dayna

arkansas softball....woo pig!!

fro yo with kat and casey in orlando

tampa beignets with my nola bestie

frolicking around town with kat behind my wheel. i'll take it!

i can't thank these two women enough for putting up with my crazy antics and walking through life with me. love you both so much!! come back now, ya hear?


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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