January 27, 2012

one up

when people ask me what my biggest pet peeve is, i never have an answer. seriously. but i always think of plenty after i leave the conversation. naturally. so, the other day when i came across one that definitely peaks in my top 3, i thought i should make it known to the world. don’t say i didn’t warn you.

the classic “one up” comment

you’re going on a trip to Fiji? “oh, i was just there last month and got a private tour of the islands. girl, it was fabulous!”

i dropped 4 pounds this week! “that's awesome. i dropped 6.32!!”

hey, look at my new iPhone 4S. isn’t it awesome? “yeah, i love mine. i’ve already ordered the iPhone 5 too.”

i have had such a productive day. “me too. i finished 38 things on my to-do list already and it’s only noon!”

okay, i think you get my point. humor and all. but it’s annoying. and not only is it annoying, it’s belittling and rude. i honestly think most people “one up” others without realizing it—by thinking they’re adding to the conversation and chiming in, but in reality they’re stealing the spotlight from someone else yet again. rude.

i’m learning more and more to bite my tongue. not everyone needs to know my opinion or experience on every topic. off-hand comments will do more damage than good. is it really that hard to bite my tongue and settle for a comment more like, “wow, i’m so excited for you. that’s awesome! you'll have to let me know how it goes!!” no, it’s not difficult. but too often, i hear myself and others “chiming in” to the conversation only to steal the joy and “one up” everyone else.

no one likes to be "one upped." rude. don’t be that girl. or guy. 


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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