January 25, 2012

i guess i'm just old fashioned...

i wouldn’t normally call myself old fashioned, but i was reading an article recently that described the changes that have taken place in the short time from my parents’ generation to mine. i’m sure the changes from my generation to that of my children’s will be even more drastic given the crazy drive of technology and all things digital these days. some of the things that look like they might be replaced as technology moves forward are some of my daily staples. that being said, i guess i’m old fashioned. and i’m okay with it because all of these things i love are wonderful, and i will continue to use them and love them as technologically primitive as they may become.

Writing Checks

Reading Books

Snail Mail and the Post Office (not the self-serve machines)

Watching TV Shows on a TV (instead of online or Netflix)

Sending Faxes

...so here's to being awesome and being old-fashioned as long as possible. 


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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