November 12, 2011

sneaky mom

in case you missed Jimmy Kimmel's Halloween Candy Challenge to parents across the country, i've included a little clip below. parents were asked to tell their children that, while they were sleeping, all their candy was eaten. most kids responded with tears, wailing, sobbing, throwing the candy wrapper remains, or even a little name calling in a few cases. however, the best clip is of the two little boys shown below. hilariously articulate, so grown up, and downright awesome. enjoy!

[mom, try not to wet your pants while laughing...]

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


Renee Crane said...

This made me laugh soooooo hard. Thanks for posting this. I will be playing it for my klub kids.

bekah brinkley said...

awesome! i hope your kids love it as much as i do!!!