September 10, 2011

happy #10

today i spent most of my day at a Beth Moore simulcast with my friend Katie. we had no idea what topic Beth was teaching on, but that's how all of her conferences are. no two are ever the same because she lets the Spirit lead when she determines her message. i love that.

we dug into luke and acts today and it was fascinating. i've never studied those two books in conjunction, but it makes sense now that i think about it. i mean, the same man wrote both of them, so why wouldn't you study them side by side?

not to mention, Beth never ceases to speak Truth boldly in all her Texan twang and hilarious one liners. today was a much needed dose of the Word and laughter. so glad Katie got to come with me. :)

happy #10
diving into the Word with Beth Moore.

[credit to Liza for the idea of posting happies each day]

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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