August 31, 2011

my little tar heel heart

like i said before, i was super stoked to watch Carolina play Florida on Saturday. i miss watching the precision, the finesse, and the power of top level college volleyball. it's absolutely inspiring and simultaneously makes my heart melt and beat 1000x faster. i love when the game is played well and executed at a high level. and i really miss that being part of my everyday life.

but, i was even more excited to see an old teammate Heather. she's on staff with Carolina now and was rockin' her UNC polo like a champ. (she hates polos. don't we all??) anyway, so great to see her. i think i hugged her no less than 6 times and held on for a really long time each time. for real. love love love her and miss her so much. she is a huge joy in my life and a great source of laughter. i love her positive take on life. i also love feeling like a normal height around her. :)

it was also super fun to see erica rocking it in her last ever season opening tournament. senior year is chock full of "last time" moments, so i was proud to see her doing well and being such a great source of positive stability for the team. she's a leader. i'm a big fan of her. and i'll definitely miss sitting by her parents about this time next year. they're a blast and i love that i get to see them once a year for a preseason tourney.

all that to say, my little tar heel heart is full and happy. so, until next time........GO HEELS!!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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