June 4, 2011

my favorite

after spending almost two weeks with my sister (12 days), i'm further convinced that she's my favorite person on the planet. she just gets me and it's effortless to be around her. no stress. no pressure. no expectations. we can just be. and enjoy. and laugh. and live. and love.

i'm going to start persuading now, but i think she should move to Tampa once she graduates from ECU and come do life with me down here. she's always loved the beach more than me anyway. it's only right for her to come down here for more than a visit. (ahem...)

that being said, her visit was fabulous. she came down a few days before the cruise and stayed an extra night afterwards and it was much needed sister time. again, she's my favorite person on the planet. here are just a few reasons why. (mom, please don't cry.)

  1. when i left her a fun list of organizational projects to keep her occupied while i was at work, she was excited.
  2. she organized my earring tree just like i would have. exactly. as in, our brains think identically.
  3. she always makes me laugh....generally after testing my patience, but she always gets me to laugh about it
  4. she organized my DVDs in alphabetical order. SHE. IS. THE. BOMB.
  5. she loves havarti and crackers as much (if not more) than i do
  6. homegirl loves a good movie night on the couch with comfy pillows
  7. she lets me steal the covers in the middle of the night and remembers to tell me what i said in my sleep the next morning
  8. she will serve your socks off. no questions asked. every single time. i used to abuse this quality in her. now i try to emulate it.
  9. she appreciates the simple pleasures in life. no need for expensive things. with her, the simpler the better. i couldn't agree more.
i love you sis and i wish you never had to leave Tampa again. come visit soon. hint hint.

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.


Anonymous said...

OK, seriously. How sweet is that?! I love that you love your sister so much! Makes me just a tidge ( did I make that word up?) sad for my daughter to not have a sister! Missing you here in B-town! Anonymous

bekah brinkley said...

hi friend! thanks for the comment. i miss seeing your cheery face every day!!