May 5, 2011

what i miss

so, even though i'm quickly falling in like with Tampa, i still have moments of crazily missing the quirky little town of Branson and everything it represents to me. enjoy the picture journey of just a few of the reasons i find my mind wandering back to the Ozarks. i loved my phase of life in Btown and i can't wait to go back and visit.

working alongside Traci was never boring or mundane. she's going to kill me for putting this picture up, but it's totally worth it.

visits from Chief in my office. he's a troublemaker, but he's a cutie and a keeper!!

speaking of cuties, i loved when Mathias came for visits. he's a Tar Heel in the making!!

cheesy photo ops that were completely normal. abnormally large rocking chair? of course we need a pic!

playing and working alongside April and her team. both an honor and a joy. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!!

Branson High School Volleyball. the reason i stuck around Btown in the first place. conversations with these three on the bench mid-match are forever etched in my memory.

doing daily life with these two was a privilege. talk about two godly young women who passionately pursue the Lord. they truly get it more than i ever did in high school! not to mention, i don't think i've ever laughed that hard and that consistently in my entire life. what's not to love?? 

never a dull moment when you spend your weekends with crazy 15 year olds like these two knuckleheads. 

these nine girls gave me a glimpse into motherhood. i would do absolutely anything for them and i don't think it's possible to be any more proud of who they are as individuals and how hard they worked to become better volleyball players. i gave them my heart and they stole it. i'm not asking to get it back any time soon.

Trish and Shay are two phenomenal friends. i have never felt so unconditionally loved in my entire life than by these two incredible women. i adore them.

* * * * 

if i was a crier, now would be the time where i tell you that i need to go grab the kleenex and take a moment before i continue. but i'm not, which shouldn't come as a surprise to any of you. but i am sitting here in my new home in tampa with a heart that's absolutely bursting with love and joy and memories coupled with a deep ache to see each one of these people right now. obviously that's not possible unless one of you knows how to master the art of teleportation.

i'm glad i like Tampa so much already, or else i think i might be overwhelmed by feelings of homesickness or loneliness or the desire to pack up and move back. thankfully, that's not the case, but i do long for the return of my fabulous Bransonites into my daily life. and when i say "Bransonites," i'm including my loves in Ozark, Springfield, etc. so, who's up for a beach trip?? seriously.

much love to my Bransonites. you have captured my heart forever.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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