May 7, 2011

a (satur)day in the life of bekah

well, folks. today has been fabulous. i slept in for the first time in ages since i wasn't coaching or packing or working or headed to church. please tell me you hear the angels rejoicing as well and it's not just in my head.

disclaimer: when i say "slept in" i mean 8:45. that's a big deal for a girl who gets up in the 5's or 6's on a regular basis. uh-may-zing. and i took a nap today, but we'll get to that later. for now, just know that i was uber excited to sleep in.

however, once i decided to drag myself out of bed to face the world, i was greeted with a lovely tweet from my roomie telling me she had made pancakes for me whenever i decided to wander downstairs. again, is Becca the most thoughtful roomie ever? i think so. i ate my pancakes (delish i might add), did a little cardio workout while the laundry was going, ate lunch, and then hit the pool with a friend.

Katie just moved to St. Pete around the same time i moved to Tampa. she's a k-world connection, but i know her younger sister better than i do her. i'm sure that will probably change soon since we'll be running buddies. we discovered that we have the same running pace today. perfect! she just took a new job as a Child Life Specialist at a hospital in St. Pete and is adjusting to a new life on the other side of the bridge. (mind you, she moved from Colorado Springs, so she has a little more climate shock than i do coming from Branson). but i'm excited. she's a fun connection. we know enough of the same people to have plenty of things in common, but don't really know each other well yet so we still have plenty to talk about. i'm liking this.

so yes, back to the pool. Katie and i hit the pool this afternoon for a little Vitamin D and some good conversation. super fun. next weekend i'm heading over to her side of the bridge for some more sun. we've gotta catch up to our neighbors. so far, we're the two pale white girls. we're working on changing that. no worries.

and naturally after an afternoon in the sun, i came back to the condo and promptly found my spot on the couch for a nap. not necessarily my intention, but that's definitely what happened. HGTV was on in the background and i was out.

woke up, did the dishes while chatting with the madre, and then migrated back to the couch to watch a few more episodes of Laguna Beach with the roomie. yes, please!!

made a little dinner, boiled a few eggs, and now i'm off to read the night away until roomie gets back from dinner with the boyfriend so we can finish season one of Laguna. don't judge. or do. either way, we're going to watch all the seasons and follow them by watching every season of the Hills. we heart LC.

side note: i'd like to say i'm spending my time getting settled in to the condo, but that's just not going to happen until my stuff arrives on the moving truck monday morning. so thankful for a dad who is voluntarily making a quick return trip to be here when the movers arrive since i'll be at work. he's seriously the best dad on the planet. for more reasons than this, but this is certainly one of the reasons he's so awesome.

happy weekending!


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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