May 11, 2011


things upon the mantle,
things on every shelf,
things that others gave me,
things i gave myself.
things i've stored in boxes
that don't mean much anymore,
old magazines and memories
behind the attic door.

things on hooks and hangers,
things on ropes and rings,
things i guard that blind me
to the pettiness of things.
am i like the rich young ruler,
ruled by all i own?
if Jesus came and asked me,
could i leave them all alone?

oh Lord, i look to heaven,
beyond the veil of time,
to gain eternal insight
that nothing's really mine.
and to only ask for daily bread
and all contentment brings,
to find freedom as your servant
in the midst of all these things.

for discarded in the junk yards,
rusting in the rain,
lie things that took the finest years
of lifetimes to obtain.
and whistling through these tombstones
the hollow breezes sing
a song of dreams surrendered
to the tyranny of things.

-scott wesley brown, "things"

dad left me a not so subtle message when he was here this weekend to help me unload and move in on monday morning. hey dad, got the message. and you're right. it's just stuff. stuff that has sentimental value and importance to me. but it's still just stuff. and someday i'll leave it behind for the greater things to come. thanks for the great reminder. but it doesn't change the fact that i'm really glad my stuff finally came. ;)

live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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