May 23, 2011

big day

please remember to pray for my friends Brad and Jenny Lotz. today is a big day in their battle for little Brody. they'll find out today if they get to keep him forever or if the Lord has a different plan in store.

please continue to pray for the Lord's will to prevail and the best situation for Brody to come to fruition. and pray for Brad and Jenny to have the strength and grace to weather whatever the outcome is. i'm praying that, no matter what, the Lord receives some crazy glory through this whole process, but selfishly i'm praying that Brad and Jenny get to keep Brody. 

Brad and Jenny, i love you and will call you as soon as i get off the ship and have connection to the world again.

thanks for fighting with me in prayer for my dear friends.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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