April 27, 2011

a thousand words

well, since pictures are worth a thousand words and i'm low on time these days, i figured a photo blog to recap my easter weekend in chapel hill would be a fabulous option. the wedding was beautiful. dave owens knows how to throw a party. time with teammates was priceless and hysterically awesome. nothing less than expected honestly. time with sis was a double bonus (and the boyfriend of course). hers, not mine. don't go starting rumors. gallavanting around chapel hill and hitting all my old faves was triple bonus. enjoy the pics to recap!

fun pic with Dayna before heading on to the airport.

Carolina Volleyball past and present with Coach.

Alan was waaaay too nice on this.

gorgeous bride and teammates.

another shot with Coach before leaving.

sis and the boyfriend.

 had to swing by FSPP for lunch. yum!!!!

walking down Stadium to the game.

game time vs. Miami

baseball at Bosh. please note Christie in the background.

YoPo after the game. delish!!

look who flew back from Finland....VON!!!

it's true, i love LP.

4 years with these two was not enough. ram it!!

Easter Sunday sis pic.

they're quite the pair.

chapel hill: you are too good to me. i'll be back to visit soon. i just can't say no.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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