March 25, 2011

unc > dook

last night arizona did what butler should have done this time last year. they beat dook. finally. my boys are still in. and they're making their way to the big dance. we just need to take care of business with marquette tonight and we'll be one step closer. University of National Champions. bring it on.

it snowed (or something like that) last night, so i wore my letter jacket to work today. proud alumni. duh!

i've shared my love for all things carolina and chapel hill on here before* so it shouldn't be a secret. i swell with pride. i get defensive and my fists come up ready to fight when i hear people trash talk Carolina. i don't know any boys on the team anymore, but they're family. it comes with being part of the tar heel nation. and a student-athlete at that. it's in my blood. forever.

just four games left and then let the celebratory fires on Franklin Street commence. for all you non-heels, see the short video below. i promise this is what happens. and boy do i miss it!! traditions.

let's get a win tonight boys. the Carolina way. and let's show the rest of the nation what it means to be a tar heel.


live unashamedly :: laugh uncontrollably :: love unconditionally.

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